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Women's Health


Want to Live a Long Life? Wait to Get Pregnant Until Your 30s

What All Moms-To-Be Should Know About Postpartum Depression

Employers Could Soon Deny Birth Control Coverage via a New Trump Directive

The Many Sides of Deciding To (or To Not) Have Your Tubes Tied At A Young Age

This Wedding's Breastfeeding Policy Sparks Outrage

The Embarrassing—and Dangerous—State of Maternal Care in the Rural U.S.

What Bernie Sanders' Single-Payer Plan Would Mean for Women and Families

In America, Parental Leave Is Still A Class Issue

This App May Be the Future of Sperm and Egg Donation

Why All Women Should Know About the Dangerous Mission of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Why Is Breastfeeding Support Still So Difficult to Find in 2017?

Finally: A Win for Women's Rights as Bill Passes in Oregon

New Period Products Every Woman Should Know About

What All Women Should Know About Endometriosis

Everything You Need to Know About Birth Control and Travel

Should You Rely on an App for Birth Control?

Home Health Testing Options Every Woman Should Know About

What All Brides-to-Be Should Discuss with Their Ob-Gyn

5 Reproductive Health Tips from a Doula

Tips for Better Sex When You Have Endometriosis

7 Items to Help with PMS, Cramps, and Your Period

Study Shows, When Birth Control Is Free Unplanned Pregnancies Decrease

How to Manage PCOS While Wedding Planning




Sologamy: Why More and More Women Are Marrying...Themselves

Why We Should Drop the “Gay” in “Gay Wedding”

10 Tips for Talking to Your Children About the Current Climate of Hatred and Violence

The Difficulties of Planning a Wedding as a Gay Couple

Would Millennial Women Prefer to Be Housewives? 

In the Age of Trump, Is the Bipartisan Marriage Dead?

Marriage Could Offer More Protections to Transgender Couples

Why the DACA Announcement Is Devastating for Families

The Worrying Trend of Women Wearing Fake Engagement Rings at Work

Series on the Effect of Trump's Travel Ban

Postnatal Depression in Men Is Real—and Devastating

As Women Become Family Breadwinners, Their Husbands Become Way More Conservative


SRQ magazine

In Grateful Seclusion: Walker Evans’ Photographic Legacy in Sarasota

What Would Chick Do? Matthew McLendon resists classification

Headed South: The long road to restoration in the Everglades

The Granddaddy of 'Em All: A diary of the wild ride that is the Arcadia All Florida Championship Rodeo

Setting Stones: In the Diamond Vault workshop, timeless technique and modern technology meet head-on

Romance With Realism: The art of accuracy and why Kodak was never a threat

Sex & Relationships

BRIDES.com (a selection)

31 Of the Best Sex Tips of All Time

How Attachment Styles Shape Our Relationships

7 Causes of Low Sexual Desire in Women

How Important Are Myers-Briggs Personality Types in a Relationship?

Can You Get Addicted to Your Vibrator?

Turns Out, Your Brain Can Save You From Cheating

How Do Lesbian Couples Decide Who Will Carry the Baby?

5 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Sex Life

Yes, Orgasm Anxiety Is a Thing—Here's How to Overcome It

How to Ask Your Partner for a Threesome

Finding Love After Domestic Abuse

How to Finally Stop Faking Orgasms With Your Partner

How Sex Changes After Having a Baby

How Erotica Can Improve Your Relationship

What Is Sudden Repulsion Syndrome, and What Do You Do When You Get It?

What Modern Arranged Marriages Really Look Like

Is It Ok If Your Partner Watches Porn?

What Living Together Before Marriage Really Means For Your Relationship

You're Not into Your Partner's Sex Fantasies—Now What?

srq magazine

The Science of Sexual Connection

Beauty & Wellness


6 Things You Can Do To Combat Wedding Planning Stress 

12 Best Eye Creams for Dark Circles and Puffiness 

Why Energy Work Might Be The Solution to Pre-Wedding Stress

An Expectant Bride's Guide to Pregnancy-Safe Beauty 

Tips for Quitting Smoking Before Your Wedding 

What You Need to Know Before You Start Working Out Post-Baby

6 Pre-Wedding Wellness Supplements for Brides

Why Energy Work Might Be The Solution to Pre-Wedding Stress

How You Can Learn to Love (or at Least Like) Working Out

6 Apps To Help Beginner Runners Get Moving

Should You Plan Your Wedding Around Your Period?

How to Survive a Bachelorette When You’re Sober

11 CBD Oil Infused Beauty Products For The Chill Bride

5 Healers to See Before Saying “I Do”

What Does Gynecologist Tested Really Mean?

The Best Natural & Non-Toxic Sunscreens That Should Be on Your Honeymoon Packing List

Why Drinking Enough Water is EXTRA Important For Brides-To-Be

6 Skin-Perfecting Smoothies You Should Sip the Morning of Your Wedding

30-Day Spring Cleaning Wellness Challenge

Why Your Period Messes With Your Skin (and What You Can Do About It)

10 Stunning Henna Designs to Inspire Your Own

Sleep Deprivation During Wedding Planning (and In Life) Can Do Crazy Things to Your Brain

Breathe, Brides! Here Are Our Favorite Apps to Help You De-Stress

5 Things You Should Do After Sex to Ensure Reproductive Health

Why You Get Stressed When Your Partner Is Stressed


Food & Drink


How to Do Whole30 When Your Partner Isn't

What Brides Should Know Before Trying the Keto Diet 

5 Simple Date Night Recipes from Trader Joes

50 Signature Cocktails for Summer Weddings

14 Crowd-Pleasing Tapas to Serve at Your Wedding

17 Appetizer Ideas for the Best Cocktail Hour Ever

Post-Wedding Brunch Bites to Relieve Your Hangover

The 12 Best Sparkling Wines For Toasts (Under $50)

Bring the Hottest 2018 Food Trends to Your Wedding

Wedding Signature Cocktails for Your Zodiac Sign

What to Feed the Bridal Party on Your Wedding Day

What Millennials Love to Eat at Weddings

How to Throw a 100% "Clean" Wedding

Your Go-To Guide to Feeding Vegans at Your Wedding


srq magazine

New Breweries Bring Renewed Heat to the Sarasota-Bradenton Craft Beer Explosion

Lost in Paradise: To cure a thing, one must first understand the cause of the thing, but scientists are in profound disagreement over what causes a hangover

Making the Mold: Fermented koji spores as the secret ingredient

Finances & Money


Why You and Your Partner Should Have Multiple Bank Accounts

How to Plan for Retirement as a Couple

The 6 Best Apps for First-Time Investors

Why the "Maternal Wall" Keeps Working Mothers From Earning More

Is Alternative Investing Right For You?

Everything You Need to Know About Mortgages Before You Buy A Home

How To Make Yourself Financially Secure Before Motherhood

Women Need an Extra Academic Degree to Earn the Same Pay as Men

How Should You Really Be Splitting the Bills With Your Partner?

40 Percent Of Households Are Now Headed By Women